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On Tuesday Glen Lake offered me a position. I proceeded to hum and haw for days, trying to figure out which one I should officially accept. All signs pointed to Uptown; better benefits, included dental, close to home, the promise to teach me tech things. But Uptown had a lot of cons, too. Paper records, treatment room in the basement, narrow stairwell, unknown computer system (once they updated, coming in a month) and worst of all, Dentistry from Blue Pearl would soon be doing a CE there. LOL! I had just completely ditched them, and I did not want to see them again. So I switched to Glen Lake. I told Uptown I switched to Glen Lake, and they then offered me MORE money -- $16/hr.

I still wasn't so sure ...
Before my Uptown interview on Monday, I called City Cat Clinic and set up an interview. After Glen Lake offered, I emailed them saying I had two offers already and wouldn't be coming -- but Kelly H, the office manager, asked me to still come and meet them before I made my decision. How cute! I said thank you so much, I will wait. I had the interview yesterday. It was amazing. It is so nice and cute there. I got to snuggle a little Exotic Shorthair Babe named Biscuit. So close to home. Saw a client from Westgate, that was chill. They're all extra as fuck crazy cat ladies, just like me. They love smooshies, Persians, etc, like me. I told them there was a bidding war and I wouldn't go below $16. They asked me to just let them get their thoughts together and they'd call me soon.

& She called me right when I got home ... offered $16.75 with a $250 bonus after 90 days.
Y'all I just gave myself a $3.25 raise in less than two months. My first day is Thursday the 18th and I am actually excited.

// I've gone FULL crazy cat lady.
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